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Piton & Merchant Call "Muni Market Update: Risks & Opportunities"

Piton & Merchant Call "Muni Market Update: Risks & Opportunities"

Please join the Piton team along with our partners at Merchant Investment Management for an update call with an expert panel to discuss the state of the municipal bond market. Panelists will be sharing their views on some of the risks and opportunities within the municipal bond space.

Piton is always available to discuss the current economic environment, market moves and to review your current fixed income portfolio. Please reach us at 646-618-2800. 

Monday, May 18th 4:30pm ET 

Dial In: 785-424-1673

Passcode: 11258 #

Featured Speakers:

  • Introduction: Marc Spilker: Executive Chairman, Merchan Wealth

  • Moderator: Larry Bernstein: Former Head of Proprietary Trading for municipal bonds, Salomon Brothers


  • Philip Fischer

  • Founder, eBooleant Consulting LLC

  • Former MD and Head of Fixed Income & Muni Bond Strategy, BAML

  • Author, Investing in Municipal Bonds - How to Balance Risk and Reward for Success in today's Bond Market

  • David Skeel

  • S. Samuel Asrht Professor of Corporate Law, U of Penn Law School

  • Co-Editor, When States Go Broke: The Origins, Context, and Solutions for the American States in Fiscal Crisis

  • Joshua Rauh

  • Professor of Finance, Stanford Graduate School of Business

  • Senior Fellow, Hoover Institute

  • Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)


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