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We Do What It Takes To Keep Moving Forward
about piton investment management

“Along my personal trip, a long time ago I came across a rusted, antique piece of mountain climbing equipment called a piton. It’s the spike, the nail that climbers hammer into the cracks to secure the ropes as they edge their way toward the sky.”

“I’ve kept it close by ever since I found it, there are moments when that slim nail is all that stands between success and disaster. It is all that stops you from being swept away from the rock when the wind changes and pushes you off balance and toward the edge, when you need all of your strength, all of your will, all of your commitment to succeed and survive.”

-Michael A.J. Farrell,
Founder of Annaly Capital Management

Our Story

Our firm, Piton Investment Management, was named in memory of our mentor, Michael A.J. Farrell, who passed away in 2012. Founding Partners, Jim Fortescue and Kristopher Konrad worked alongside Mike for almost two decades. When times would get tough, Mike would pass along an antique piton to whoever on the team needed it the most. To us, it became a symbol of focus, commitment and a reminder that only the strongest willed and well-prepared make it to the top of the mountain.

Today, the piton is a constant reminder for our team to remain steady during times of difficulty and to continuously do what it takes to keep climbing upward and onward.

To Our Team, The Piton Is a Shared Symbol Of Effort & Accomplishment

​Piton Investment Management is the Solution

We Saw a Need For Bringing Separately Managed Accounts to Independent Advisors.

​Stemming from NYC-based mortgage REIT, Annaly Capital Management, our founding partners, Jim Fortescue and Kristopher Konrad, brought nearly 40 years of combined experience together to found our firm in 2015. Together, they built a well-rounded team of experienced industry professionals from Annaly and a fixed income team from HSBC Private Bank Americas  in an effort to allow the individual investor to have access to the institutional bond market in a customized manner.

Today, we provide RIAs premium access to a broad spectrum of fixed income assets including government-backed securities, corporate bonds and municipal bonds.

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