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Piton Investment Management, LP SMA Strategies Available through the SMArtX Platform

Piton Investment Management

NEW YORK-Piton Investment Management, LP, a registered investment advisor, today announced that three of their investment strategies are now available on SMArtX Advisory Solutions (“SMArtX”), a leading innovator in unified managed accounts (UMA) technology and architect of the SMArtX turnkey asset management platform (TAMP).

The relationship with SMArtX will enable wealth advisors utilizing the SMArtX platform to access the below Piton strategies:

  • Piton Managed Yield Strategy: investment objective is enhanced yield. Strategy is actively managed by primarily investing in U.S. Corporate Bonds, Taxable Municipal Bonds, and Preferreds.

  • Piton Taxable Intermediate Duration Strategy: investment objective is current income consistent with long-term capital preservation. Strategy is actively managed by primarily investing in intermediate duration U.S. Treasuries, U.S. Government-Backed Securities, U.S. Corporate Bonds and Taxable Municipal Bonds.

  • Piton Tax-Exempt Intermediate Duration Strategy: investment objective of the strategy is current income consistent with long-term capital preservation. Strategy is actively managed by primarily investing in intermediate duration Tax Exempt Municipal Bonds and Notes.

“The current interest rate environment offers compelling fixed income opportunities. We are excited to work alongside SMArtX to provide financial advisors with institutional access to these opportunities in an efficient manner using the SMArtX Advisory Solutions technology.” said Brian Lockwood, CIO of Piton.

“SMArtX is proud to welcome Piton Investment Management to the SMArtX UMA platform,” said Evan Rapoport, Founder & CEO of SMArtX. “”Our firm is about more than just building UMA infrastructure – it is about providing solutions for our clients. Expanding our platform with Piton strategies is one more way we deliver a broader range of strategies to advisors.”

About Piton Investment Management, LP

Piton Investment Management, L.P. (“Piton” or the “Firm’) is a SEC-registered investment advisor founded in 2015. Piton specializes in active income-oriented investment management solutions. The Piton team of experienced industry professionals offer clients institutional access and portfolio management. For additional information, please visit

About SMArtX Advisory Solutions

SMArtX Advisory Solutions is an award-winning unified managed accounts technology provider and manages SMArtX, a turnkey asset management platform (‘TAMP’).  SMArtX’s API-first, cloud-native technology operates within a modular, micro-services architecture, providing clients a tailored solution catered to their unique specifications. SMArtX is available as an off-the-shelf TAMP for advisors seeking wider selection of investment product and ease of use, while automating the investment processes and simplifying the everyday tasks of managing client accounts.   SMArtX also licenses its proprietary technology to enterprise firms looking to create, customize, or upgrade their existing managed accounts technology as a standalone or fully integrated solution.  SMArtX is the managed account technology and TAMP platform of choice for multiple RIAs, broker-dealers, and asset managers. Learn more at


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