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Kristopher Konrad

Mr. Konrad is a founding partner of Piton. He has extensive experience managing capital in the Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities Market for twenty years, through multiple interest rate environments. Mr. Konrad has managed one of the largest levered Agency MBS portfolios outside of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The portfolio Mr. Konrad oversaw included over $140 billion of assets at its peak. Mr. Konrad is disciplined in security selection due to an in-depth understanding of market dynamics. He has managed fixed income portfolios in various investment vehicles.

Prior to founding Piton, Mr. Konrad most recently served as the Co-Chief Investment Officer at Annaly. Mr. Konrad served in various capacities managing and directing Annaly’s asset portfolios, including Portfolio Manager, Head of Portfolio Management and Managing Director. He served on Annaly’s Executive and Investment Committees. Mr. Konrad was also a director of RCap Securities, a FINRA regulated broker-dealer, and Shannon Funding LLC, a warehouse lending company. Mr. Konrad received his B.S. in Business Management from Ithaca College.

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