Fixed Income Asset Management

Piton offers customized fixed income asset management. We work with each individual client to understand their specific investment objectives, liquidity preferences and risk parameters to tailor a portfolio to meet their goals. We carefully review tax objectives, asset class specifications, maturity and duration profiles and credit exposure of each mandate to achieve targets for our client.


Primary Investment Objective Piton Fixed Income Strategy
Preservation of Principle & Liquidity Piton Tactical Government Cash Strategy
Piton Tactical Ultra-Short Duration Strategy
Piton Tax-Exempt Tactical Ultra-Short Duration Strategy
Conservative Total Return & Broad Fixed Income Exposure Piton Taxable Short Duration Strategy
Piton Taxable Intermediate Duration Strategy
Piton Taxable Core Strategy
Tax-Exempt Exposure Piton Tax-Exempt Short-Term Strategy
Piton Tax-Exempt Intermediate Strategy
Piton Tax-Exempt Core Strategy
Yield Focus Piton Taxable Managed Yield Strategy
Asset Class Specification Piton GNMA Short-Intermediate Strategy
Piton Structured Note Income Strategy